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Voices of the Buffalo Soldier: Records, Reports, and Recollections of Military Life and Service in the West.

Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 2003. ISBN 0-8263-2309-X. This anthology of contemporary eye-witness accounts comes from official correspondence, newspapers, interviews, articles, and even private letters. It covers combat actions, garrison and family life, and the complexities of race relations on the frontier.

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In this collection of first-hand accounts of buffalo soldier life and service you will be able to read about:

  • the infantry soldier who enlisted as a man and applied for a pension as a woman.(chapter 7)
  • when and how the name "buffalo soldier" came into use.(chapter 10)
  • the burning of Indian villages by black cavalry units. (chapter 17)
  • how a future cavalryman fled slavery as a child. (chapter 30)
  • the cavalryman who tried to crack the skull of a Medal of Honor recipient. (chapter 31)
  • the buffalo soldier with three names. (chapter 53)

      Table of Contents

      1. A new kind of soldier for the post-Civil War regular army

      2. First skirmishes with plains tribes

      3. The 10th Cavalry in the summer of 1867: first battles and first casualty

      4. Sergeant Shropshire's observations on service in Kansas

      5. The battle at Beecher Island, September 1868

      6. The 9th Cavalry in Texas: Mutiny at San Pedro Springs, Texas, April 1867

      7. William Cathay/Cathay Williams: a woman in the 38th Infantry

      8. Sergeant Emanuel Stance and the Medal of Honor

      9 Recollections of active service in Texas, by Sergeant Jacob Wilks, 9th Cavalry

      10. The earliest known documented use of the name "buffalo soldiers"

      11. Two old soldiers recall their youth and service in the 25th Infantry, 1870-1880

      12. Captain J. Lee Humfreville's court-martial conviction, 1874

      13 A resolution of mourning

      14 Perry Hayman's recollections of service with the 10th Cavalry

      15 Lieutenant Bullis's report on the heroic behavior of four Seminole-Negro scouts

      16 Sergeant John Marshall of the 10th Cavalry reports on a scout from Fort Concho, Texas

      17 Destroying Indian villages

      18 Borderland operations: cattle thieves and civil authorities

      19 Borderland operations: depredations and refuge

      20 A chaplain's report: discipline, morals, and education

      21 Lieutenant Henry Flipper's competence, character and treatment by other officers

      22 Complaint about discrimination in selection of sergeants to non-commissioned staff positions

      23 Colonel George F. Hamilton's chronology of the 9th Cavalry during the campaign against Victorio

      24 Lieutenant George R. Burnett's account of a firefight between the 9th and Nana's band in August 1881

      25 The 10th Cavalry in the campaign against Victorio

      26 Colonel George Andrews pleads for a change of station for the 25th Infantry

      27 A borderland love triangle: white officer, black soldier, and latino woman

      28 Encounter with racism: the 10th Cavalry at San Angelo, Texas

      29 A soldier's love letters

      30 John Howerton's escape from slavery

      31 Moses Green's court martial, Fort Reno, Indian Territory, 1883

      32 Statement of Private Edward Hamilton, C/9 Cavalry

      33 Lieutenant Powhattan H. Clarke and the rescue of Corporal Scott

      34 Fifteen hard years: Sergeant John Casey's service in the 10th Cavalry

      35 24th Infantry soldiers censure some of their own

      36 Don Rickey's notes on his interview with Simpson Mann

      37 Protecting the payroll

      38 William Wilson, courage under fire, and desertion

      39 The poetry of Private W. H. Prather of the 9th Cavalry

      40 Chaplain Theophilus G. Steward on his relationship with the regimental commander

      41 The Suggs Affray, June 1892

      42 Chaplain Henry V. Plummer on life at Fort Robinson and his religious and educational duties

      43 Sergeant Barney McKay and "500 Soldiers with the Bullet or Torch"

      44 Recollections of a recruit

      45 A 24th Infantry masquerade ball

      46 The death of Lieutenant Alexander

      47 A matter of complexion

      48 Chaplain Allensworth and the post school

      49 A "glorious calling"

      50 Chaplain George Prioleau on a segregated railroad car through Texas

      51 Benjamin O. Davis qualifies for a commission in the Army

      52 Differing views of garrison life at the turn of the century

      53 The names of a soldier

      54 Mary Church Terrell, "A Sketch of Mingo Saunders"

      55 The racial climate in Brownsville, Texas, after the shooting incident

      56 Charles Young and African American heritage

      57 Violet Cragg's Pension Request

      58 Enduring patriotism

      59 An army widow's lot

      60 From Buffalo Soldiers to clergymen


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