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Black Valor: Buffalo Soldiers and the Medal of Honor, 1870-1898.

Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1997. ISBN 0-8420-2586-3. This book tells the stories of 23 black soldiers who received the Medal of Honor for Valor in the West and in Cuba.

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Table of Contents


Buffalo Soldier Recipients of the Medal of Honor

1 Two Traditions: The Medal of Honor and Black Valor

2 Emanuel Stance and the Emergence of the Black Professional Soldier

3 The Seminole Negro Scouts

4 The Apache Wars, 1877-1879

5 Henry Johnson and the Ute War

6 The Apache Wars Continue, 1880-81

7 The Wham Paymaster Robbery

8 William McBryar and the End of the Indian Wars in the South

9 William Wilson and the End of the Indian Wars in the North

10 Four Cavalrymen in Cuba

11 Edward Baker and the Limits of Upward Mobility

12 The Recognition of Black Valor

Black Valor Reviews

"...Schubert has presented us with another interesting and informative book about the black soldiers of the Indian War period. His well-written study of the twenty-three Medal of Honor recipients from the four African American army regiments provides the reader with information about the soldiers' lives as well as accounts of the deeds that won them the medals. In the process he has told us a great deal about the regiments, their activities, and the conflicts with the Native Americans....This is an interesting, well-written study of the human side of valor. It places the twenty-three black Medal of Honor winners in their proper place in history. Schubert has also given life to soldiers from a long-vanished military society."--Marvin Fletcher, Ohio University, Journal of American History, September 1998.

"...Frank N. Schubert, a prolific historian for the Department of Defense,...has meticulously researched the service records and pension files of each medal winner, unit and War Department records, and the large secondary literature....This is a thoroughly professional history that shines a needed light on the military achievements of African American soldiers."—Edwin S. Redkey, Purchase College-State University of New York, Journal of Southern History, November 1998.

"...BLACK VALOR is a compelling, medal-worthy step toward recovering for all Americans the hard-fought and undertold history of the buffalo soldiers"—Spike Lee, Filmmaker


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